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Faculty - Anastasio | Bebout | Booth | Carson | Evenson | Felzer | Hargreaves | Kodama | Meltzer | Morris | Myers | Pazzaglia | Peters | Ramage | Sahagian | Simpson | Yu | Zeitler

Support and Technical Staff - Fernandes | Roman | Seem | Yasko

Research Staff - Idleman | Stachnik | Massa


David Anastasio (EES Chair), structural geology (109B, 226 STEPS)
610-758-5117    (lab 610-758-5193)
Gray Bebout, petrology, stable-isotope geochemistry (216 STEPS)
610-758-5831    (lab 610-758-6168)
Robert Booth, ecology, paleoecology, and paleoclimatology (244 STEPS)
Bobb Carson (Emeritus), sedimentology, fluid flow
Edward Evenson, glacial geology, (574 STEPS)
Benjamin Felzer, climate and biogeochemical modeling (224 STEPS)
610 758 3536
Bruce Hargreaves, bio-optics, aquatic ecosystems (134 STEPS)
610-758-3683    (lab 610-758-3697)
Ken Kodama, paleomagnetism, tectonics (236 STEPS)
610-758-3663    (lab 610-758-3213)
Anne Meltzer (EES Undergraduate Coordinator), seismology, tectonics, geodynamics (596 STEPS)
610-758-3673    (lab 610-758-3669)
Donald Morris, microbial ecology, aquatic ecosystems (566 STEPS)
Paul Myers (Emeritus), hydrogeology, GIS, Appalachian geology
Frank Pazzaglia, geomorphology, tectonics, watershed evolution (146 STEPS)
Steve Peters, low-temperature (bio)geochemistry (144 STEPS)
Joan Ramage, remote sensing, cryosphere> (584 STEPS)
Dork Sahagian, tectonics, environmental change (424 STEPS)
Dale R. Simpson (Emeritus), mineralogy
Zicheng Yu, paleoecology, paleoclimatology (234 STEPS)
Peter Zeitler (EES Graduate Coordinator), geochronology, tectonics, geodynamics (594 STEPS)
610-758-3671    (lab 610-758-3672)

Support and Technical Staff

Leigh Anne Fernandes, Secretary (109 STEPS)
Nancy Roman, Departmental Coordinator (109C STEPS)
Joseph Seem, Department Support Technician (126 STEPS)
George Yasko, Field Projects Laboratory Manager, Lehigh Earth Observatory (LEO) (124 STEPS)

Research Scientists

Bruce Idleman, Senior Research Scientist (246 STEPS)
Geochronology, isotope geochemistry, tectonics.
610-758-3672    Argon lab
Josh Stachnik, Research Scientist (576 STEPS)
Seismology, geodyanmics, tectonics.
Charly Massa, Postdoctoral Research Scientist (590 STEPS)
Paleoclimatology, paleoecology.
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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
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EES Department - STEPS Building 9A
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Follow directions for the Alumni Memorial Building on the Asa Packer Campus. We suggest parking in the garage for that building, or in the outdoor lot one block down the hill (stop by the main office in room 109 STEPS to get a temporary hang-tag). Note that the new STEPS Building is not yet on all campus maps: it is located adjacent to Maginnes Hall on the same lot (just to the southwest).