Spring 2020 Seminar Schedule

2019-20 EES Friday Guest  Speakers

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Seminars are held most Fridays at noon in Rm. 101 of the STEPS building (the auditorium in "A" wing) preceded by a department lunch at 11:00am in ST 102.

Guide for speakers


January 24th 

Nadine McQuarrie, University of Pittsburgh

"Exploring the links between vertical uplift, horizontal translation and how topography is created and maintained in convergent orogens.”

(host: Mariah Hoskins)


January 31st

Daniel Hayes, University of Maine

"A convergence among estimates of a large carbon sink on the North American continent"

(hosts: Ben Felzer )


February  7th

Elizabeth Trembath-Riechert, Arizona State

"What lies beneath? Life in the marine subsurface."

(host: Jill McDermott)


February 14th

John Jamieson, Memorial University

“Hydrothermal ore-forming processes on the seafloor”

(host: Jill McDermott)


February 21st

EES Graduate Student Symposium

Keynote speaker: Katie Jaeckel MS '17

"A foot in both worlds: Pursuing a career in environmental consulting while continuing to explore my role in academia as an adjunct professor"

(host: EES)


February 28th

Vernon Morris, Howard University

"Microphysical and Chemical Processes on Saharan Dust Aerosols During Their Atmospheric Life Cycle"

(host: Joan Ramage)


March 20th

Mark D. Behn, Boston College

"Interactions between Faulting, Magmatism, and Surface Processes in Extensional Systems"

(host: Peter Zeitler)


March 27th

Panos Diplas, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Lehigh University

Title: TBD

(host: Ken Kodama)


April 3rd

Tamara Pico, Harvard University

"In and out of the last ice age: Insights from sea-level change and river evolution in North America"

(host: Frank Pazzaglia)


April 10th

Susan Beck, University of Arizona

Ttile: TBD

(host: Anne Meltzer)